Hanrahan Peace Support Consulting
Strategic Assessments

  • HPSC provides strategic assessments on the political, commercial and social conditions in potential areas of operations.
  • HPSC assesses local infrastructure and support services available to include all potential stakeholders in the area of operations.
  • HPSC mentors and facilitates client’s project teams preparing business cases for their senior management.
  • HPSC plans and leads strategic reconnaissances to new environments.
  • HPSC provides temporary staff to fill gaps in a client’s project team.

Risk Assessments

  • HPSC, working with the client develops a baseline of “acceptable risks”.
  • HPSC develops risk mitigation measures to bring unacceptable risks to an acceptable level.
  • HPSC develops plans to ensure risk mitigation measures are implemented in the right priority.


  • HPSC produces customize training material for clients to operate effectively and safely in austere and volatile environments. HPSC has provided pre-deployment material for clients operating in Darfur, Somalia, and Afghanistan.
  • HPSC was a major contributor to the AU/UN Mission Senior Leaders Course, which successfully prepares Force Commanders, Police Commissioners and AU/UN senior civilian staff to lead and manage field missions.
  • HPSC has provided presentations/facilitations for: the UN Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, New York; the US War College, Carlisle; the Canadian Strategic Studies Course, Toronto; the 40th PASOL Meeting, Kuala Lumpur; and Pearson Peacekeeping Centre Mission Staff Courses, Kenya.

Logistic Services

  • HPSC design camps to suit the specific needs in the mission area.
  • HPSC develops supply chains that establish warehousing facilities as necessary and leverage commercial air, sea, land and freight forwarding services.
  • HPSC provides catering, fuel, maintenance, and general supply solutions for initial mission set-up that can evolve over time.
  • HPSC provide cost effective and expandable communications and IT services.
  • HPSC develops effective medical support and evacuation services.

United Nations Procurement Facilitation

  • HPSC understands that the UN procurement system demands precise, timely and specific information throughout the bidding process.
  • HPSC ensures vendors submissions are complete and complaint.

Sponsored United Nations Research

  • HPSC can research and provide options for improving UN field operations. Potential research areas include:
    • Single Supply Chain Approach for the UN System in a geographic region.
    • Integrated Aviation Services leveraging in place commercial providers.
    • Alternatives Approaches to UNHQ Ration and Fuel Turn-key Contracts.
    • Outsourcing of Warehousing and Distribution Functions.
    • Integrating UN TCC and commercial medical services.